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Height: 4' 11"   |   Eye Color: Dark Brown   |   Hair Color: Dark Brown



Project Muffin  |  Edwina Zurski (Principal)  |  "Yes We Cannes" Global 48 Hour Film Project/SERENE Anchor Productions

Ducked  |  Elizabeth Wilson (Principal)  |  Michael Allen - Montana State University

Maybe  |  Emma (Principal)  |  48 Hour Film Project/SERENE Anchor Productions

Touch  |  Antonia  |  4M Films

Broke  |  Nurse  |  Broke Picture, Inc.

A Helping Hand  |  Emerie Williams (Principal)  |  Alexa Alberda - Montana State University

Noise  |  Barista  |  Tanner Harris - Montana State University

Sorry  |  April (Principal)  |  Lucy Rosenthal - Montana State University

Rubber and Glue  |  Billie (Principal)  |  By Cat Dale

Take Two  |  DEA Agent #2  |  MWM Cornerstone Productions

The Tinderbox  |  Cheng Weng  |  Montana Movie Factory

A Tale of Two Lovers  |  Sarah/Sheila (Principal)  |  Jesse Matthew/Hunter Edens - Montana State University

Reduce, Reuse, Recycletron (Narrative/Music Video)  |  Brenda (Principal)  |  Seth Ring - Montana State University

My Favorite Movie  |  Head Cheerleader  |  Dream Team Cinema

4-H Science Workshop of the Week  |  Hannah (Principal)  |  Seth Ring - Montana State University

Hanging of the Sheriff  |  Mei Loy (Principal)  |  Meg McWhinney - Montana State University


The Humans  |  Brigid Blake  |  Verge Theater

Every Christmas Story Ever Told (And Then Some!)  |  Joan  |  Open Door Theatre

Twitch  |  Nancy  |  Open Door Theatre

Corinne  |  Nurse  |  Open Door Theatre

The Unexpected Guest  |  Jan Warwick  |  Open Door Theatre

More Than Bruises  |  Sophie  |  Verge Theater/ Dulcie Theatre

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten  |  Lead Soloist  |  Open Door Theatre

The Producers  |  Ensemble  |  Verge Theater

Thicker Than Paint  |  Monet D'Rue  |  DCYE: Live Radio Theatre!

These Shining Lives  |  Catherine Wolfe Donohue  |  Verge Theater

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer  |  Aunt Polly/ Miss Dobbins/ Susy Harper/ Injun Joe  |  Verge Theater

Brighton Beach Memoirs  |  Laurie Morton  |  Open Door Theatre

Play On!  |  Marla Smith/ Doris the Maid  |  Open Door Theatre

Wind in the Willows  |  Willa Weasel/ Jailer's Daughter  |  Verge Theater

A Christmas Carol- The Musical  |  Street Singer/ Miss Fezziwig  |  The Ellen Theatre

Cinderella! Cinderella!  |  Prunella  |  Verge Theater

Dorothy Meets Alice  |  Dorothy  |  Verge Theater

Rapunzel! Rapunzel!  |  Rapunzel  |  Verge Theater

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels  |  Muriel Eubanks  |  Verge Theater

Almost, Maine  |  Glory/ Villian/ Marci/ Suzette  |  Verge Theater

​Guys and Dolls  |  Sergeant Sarah Brown  |  Verge Theater

The Secret Life of Toys- The Musical  |  Jezebel  |  Kaleidoscope Theater

The King and I  |  Royal Dancer/ Topsy  |  Dulcie Theatre

Spiders!  |  Katharine Dobbs  |  Kaleidoscope Theatre

A Christmas Carol  |  Urchin/ Party Guest  |  The Ellen Theatre

Bella and the Frog Prince  |  Helgamal  |  Kaleidoscope Theater

The Wizard of Oz  |  Magician  |  Missoula Children's Theatre

La Boheme  |  Children's Chorus  |  Intermountain Opera Association

Carmen  |  Children's Chorus  |  Intermountain Opera Association


Carhartt - 2022 Spring Campaign  |  Farmer  |  Pride of Gypsies

Carhartt - 2021 Fall Campaign  |  Winemaker  |  Pride of Gypsies

Town Pump Convenience Stores  |  Customer  |  KBZK

Williams Plumbing & Heating  |  Wife  |  KBZK

Super Bowl LIV Commercial  |  Restaurant Customer  |  ABC Fox MT

PureView Health Center  |  Restaurant Customer  |  Flying Horse Communication

PureView Health Center  |  Dinner Party Guest  |  Flying Horse Communication

Opportunity Bank of Montana  |  Customer at Bar  |  Filmlite MT


Salute to Broadway  |  Christine Daaé  |  Franc D'Ambrosio​


Master Class  |  Broadway Vocal Techniques  |  Jeff McCarthy

Master Class  |  Broadway Vocal Techniques  |  Franc D'Ambrosio

The Ohio State University  |  Musical Theater Vocal Techniques  |  Dr. Robin Rice

Private Studio  |  Classical Vocal Techniques  |  Margaret Kohler

Montana State University  |  Classical Vocal Techniques  |  Professor Elizabeth Croy

Montana Actor's Studio  |  Auditioning for the Camera  |  Tina Buckingham

Montana Actor's Studio  |  Acting for the Camera  |  Tina Buckingham

Montana Actor's Studio  |  The Business of Acting  |  Tina Buckingham

Master Class  |  The Art of Improvisation  |  Erin Roberg


MUSIC: Classically Trained Soprano, Piano, Violin

SPORTS: Skiing, Trail Running, Hiking, Fly Fishing, Camping, Canoeing, Kayaking, Rowing, Sailing, Bicycling, Ice Skating, Tennis, Badminton, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Archery, Target Shooting, Ballroom Dancing, Choreographed Fighting

ACCENTS: British, Southern, Jersey, Chinese

OTHER: Cosmetology, Graphic Design, Photography


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